The Ian McGeechan Interview: Lions through the ages

Joe Molloy chatted to the former Lions player and head coach on Off The Ball

BY Raf Diallo 22:11 Tuesday 20 June 2017, 22:11 20 Jun 2017

Joe Molloy and Ian McGeechan

"As you'll meet each other in the street in 30 years time and there'll just be a look and you'll know just how special some days in your life are."

Next week will be exactly 20 years since then British and Irish Lions head coach Ian McGeechan gave a stirring speech which began on the above refrain.

It was on the tour to South Africa in 1997 and it was part of a lifetime's association with the Lions which dated back to his playing tours, which saw him take in tours during the 1970s.

In compelling detail, McGeechan took time to chat to Off The Ball about those Lions experiences as a player and as a coach, which you can listen to in full below.

Among the memories he touched on, were tours to South Africa during the Apartheid era and how things noticeably changed when he returned to the country in 1997. 

"You went to Cape Town, Durban and it was much more relaxed in a way," he said of the '74 tour.

"You went to Bloemfontein... Kimberly... and it was different door ways, different sides of the street and the worst side of Apartheid where the separation was obvious. And that was very uncomfortable to experience."  

You can listen to the full interview on the podcast player below or on iTunes via Rugby on Off The Ball.

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