Jack McGrath feels "a little too much" was made of Ireland's scrum issues against Wales

Ireland prop responds to post-match criticism as he speaks to Off The Ball's Dave McIntyre

Ireland, Jack McGrath

Ireland's Jack McGrath ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Jack McGrath feels a "little bit too much" was made out of Ireland's issues at the scrum in the Six Nations opener against Wales. 

Statistically, Ireland won five scrums at a rate of 100%, while Wales won seven at the same rate on Sunday. 

Off The Ball's Dave McIntyre spoke to the prop and when he asked the Leinster player if too much was made of scrum difficulties against the Welsh, McGrath responded "I think so".

McGrath, who starts the France game on Saturday, continued: "Probably we got on the wrong side of the referee a little bit and a few things went against us. We probably weren't smart enough in certain areas and let Wales get away with certain things. As much as them doing one thing, we weren't doing another thing as well. I think there was a little bit too much read into it which is probably a good thing for us. It keeps us focused this week for a big scrum performance on Saturday."