Jim McGuinness explains why 2017 is a "big year" in his soccer journey

Former All Ireland winning Donegal manager speaks to Joe Molloy

Jim McGuinness explains why 2017 is a "big year" in his soccer journey

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Former Donegal senior Gaelic football manager Jim McGuinness has spoken about his sense of how far he is progressing as a soccer coach and says 2017 is a "big year" for him in that regard.

The now Celtic under-20s assistant coach has been continuing his development as a coach and spoke to Off The Ball about his progress with the Glasgow giants.

"I could hit a brick wall, I'm coming from a different culture into another culture. I'm learning a huge amount on a daily basis, on a weekly basis and I'm trying to draw on all my experiences previously," he said, before touching on how far along he is in terms of his development within the soccer sphere.

"In my own mind at the moment, I'm giving you a number, 60-65%, of the way through that. I've got a very clear idea from a tactical point of view as to how I'd want to play the game now but I don't have the detail nailed down on all the aspects. But probably on 60- 65% of the aspects, I do have it nailed down.

"So this year is a big year for me. I start my A Licence. That will run for a year but the big learning will be getting out and seeing managers and other teams and also studying them at home and sort of ticking the boxes in my own head as to what I have in terms of philosophy in my mind now; ticking that box over the course of the next 12 months and going, 'Yeah, that is how I see it and that's how it fits into the overall plan of my philosophy'".

He also added that he had spent some time at German and Austrian football clubs, including RB Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund, to get a sense of how they operate.

McGuinness also discussed the issue of mentalities in sport and addressing the fear of failure.

"My take on it is people are afraid to give it absolutely everything they've got and fail," he said, adding that "there is nothing wrong with failure" if one gives their all.