"It absolutely amazes me" - John Giles shares first-hand experiences of extreme fan behaviour

John chats to Off The Ball about the issue after a coin was thrown at Chris Brunt

BY Raf Diallo 20:21 Thursday 25 February 2016, 20:21 25 Feb 2016

West Bromwich Albion fans voice their anger towards Chris Brunt (centre) and Darren Fletcher after the final whistle, during the Emirates FA Cup, fifth round match at the Madejski Stadium, Reading. (Picture by: Scott Heavey / PA Wire/Press Association Images)

John Giles feels abuse from the stands towards players has got worse.

The most high-profile recent incident saw West Brom's Chris Brunt struck by a coin last week from what is believed to be an individual among one of his own club's fans.

John gave his take on the wider issue of fan behaviour on Off The Ball tonight. 

"It absolutely amazes me and has done for a long time that people who are very, very decent people before they go into a football ground, they pay their few bob and I don't why, they have licence now to behave in a way that they just do not behave outside the ground. They feel they have licence to throw the coin at that lad," he said, before sharing one experience from sitting at a past match at Leeds United.

"I knew two lads sitting in front of me, one was a solicitor and one was a top accountant and the abuse they were giving players and the referee, in their professional life they just would not do it".

Leeds United's Johnny Giles shows his winner's medal to a young fan (Picture by: PA Photos / PA Archive/Press Association Images)

He also recalled an incident when former Stoke manager Alan Ball was spat at by fans.

John also feels that "it's getting worse rather than better".

Speaking of his own playing days, he also detailed how he was "never a favourite with the crowd at Leeds". 

John also discussed Barcelona's magical front three and comparisons with Manchester United's Best, Law and Charlton combo in the 1960s, he says that "Georgie was blessed with even more actual ability than Messi" in terms of natural ability, but that Messi has not gone "showbiz" in the way that Best did. 


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