"He's always saying 'it's not my fault'" - John Giles unimpressed with Mourinho over Luke Shaw

Leeds and Ireland legend discusses Manchester United

BY Raf Diallo 20:11 Thursday 22 September 2016, 20:11 22 Sep 2016

Manchester United's Manager Jose Mourinho. Picture by: Dave Howarth / EMPICS Sport

John Giles believes Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho can't take criticism.

It comes after Luke Shaw was publicly singled out for his positioning by the manager after the 3-1 loss to Watford on Sunday for his part in the Hornets' second goal.

But John doesn't feel that it was Shaw's fault alone in the lead-up to the goal that angered Mourinho and the Leeds and Ireland legend thinks the manager should confine any criticism of players to a private domain.

"See, he didn't blame Pogba and in my opinion, Pogba, was as much to blame as Shaw by letting the player go because there's always more than one person involved in a goal," John told Off The Ball.

"I don't think he should single anyone out like he has done [to] Shaw, at all."

John also feels Mourinho is deflecting any blame for United's poor form away from himself.

"That's saying 'it's not my fault' all the time. If you're looking underneath what he's saying, he's always saying 'it's not my fault', like Luke Shaw for example. He's not the only player that did something wrong on the day and in other matches as well," he said, adding that players don't tend to favour things like Luke Shaw being publicly singled out.

"It's a well-known thing in football. You can say what you like in the dressing room to players but defend them publicly. I could see Shaw's face in the photograph and he's shocked. I don't think he's the most confident lad anyway."

He added that Mourinho "can't take any criticism".

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