John Giles delivers his verdict on Torres' decline and Wilshere's nightclub excursion

Leeds and Ireland legend chats to Off The Ball about this week's big stories

John Giles delivers his verdict on Torres' decline and Wilshere's nightclub excursion

Atletico's Fernando Torres walks off the pitch after being shown a red card during a Champions League quarter-final, first leg soccer match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday April 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

After kicking off this week's Thursday night football on fashion and music, John Giles did also talk football with Off The Ball.

One of the things he touched on was former Liverpool and Chelsea forward Fernando Torres, who followed up a good goal with a second yellow card in Atletico Madrid's 2-1 Champions League defeat to Barcelona on Tuesday.

In some ways, it is the microcosm of his career in the sense of starting brilliantly and then fading dramatically.

John gave his take on the Torres enigma and why a once great striker fell from the pedestal.

"In footballing terms, I don't remember anybody who was so brilliant and young, but Torres should have been at the peak of his career when he moved from Liverpool to Chelsea. I think he was only about 26 or 27 and I found it incredible that he was doing what he did at Liverpool, one of the best strikers in the world and he shows it occasionally now, but only occasionally," said John, before explaining why he feels Torres was unable to maintain his brilliance.

Jack Wilshere Picture by: John Walton / PA Archive/Press Association Images

"When I watched him playing over the years, I never thought he was a great sort of intelligent footballer in the general play. He was a great finisher but he didn't contribute that much actually when he wasn't scoring goals. So I think when he went to Chelsea, when he started he wasn't scoring goals, so he had nothing else to offer."

John feels the ensuing drop in confidence saw the striker "tighten up" and lose his way.  

As for the PSG-Manchester City match, he was unimpressed with the defending from both sides and branded David Luiz a "walking disaster" for his erratic displays.

But despite the two away goals for the Premier League side ahead of the home leg, John said: "I don't fancy City at all."

John also talked about his view of Arsenal's Jack Wilshere seemingly not making the most of his talent after the weekend's nightclub story.

"What's he doing out at 2 in the morning anyway? He hasn't played this season," he said, adding that England manager Roy Hodgson should be criticising Wilshere rather than backing him.