Keith Wood on why Munster's Andy Farrell hire "can only be a good thing"

Former Ireland captain speaks to Off The Ball about developments at the province

Andy Farrell, Anthony Foley, Munster

Munster temporary consultant Andy Farrell and head coach Anthony Foley ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Keith Wood believes Andy Farrell's temporary consultant role at Munster can "only be a good thing".

The incoming Ireland defence coach will take up the role for four months to help head coach Anthony Foley and his team and Keith thinks a more experienced coaching ticket would have been of great aid to Foley.

Keith was on Off The Ball tonight, alongside The Irish Times' Gerry Thornley as Munster's problems were discussed.

"I do think things need to change. That's where a lot of the criticism comes in and it could have been an awful lot easier if Foley had a more seasoned backroom team," said the former Ireland captain.

"We have seen this week that a lot of the changes are now beginning to help, that there seems to be more resources being put at his disposal because with Andy Farrell coming in, you know what, that can only be a good thing.

"If we're to be honest when we look at Munster over the last period of time, they are lacking in confidence, they seem to have lost some of their intensity and when you're losing and all that's going on and you're not looking at too many world class players to hang your hat on, the same voice becomes pretty hard to take a lot of the time. I think if you look at that and bring somebody else in and they can take some of that flak and give exterior perspective on it. That's a good thing to do."