Kellie Harrington shares an anecdote to show how her life has turned upside down ... in a good way

Irish boxer won silver at the World Championships last month

Kellie Harrington, boxing

Kellie Harrington with her Silver Medal ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

While Katie Taylor qualified for the Rio Olympics with a bronze medal finish in Kazakhstan last month, another Irish boxer also made a mark at the Women's World Boxing Championship.

Kellie Harrington was just one step away from a gold medal at 64kg at the tournament, ultimately taking silver after the final with China's Wenlu Yang.

Despite being a multiple national champion, the Dubliner only burst into the wider public consciousness after the medal achievement.

And she is certainly experiencing plenty of attention from the public now as she told Newstalk's Off The Bench presenter Cliona Foley.

"People are coming up to me and asking me 'are you the boxer?'" said the 26-year-old.

"It just feels unreal. I was actually outside my Mam's house earlier the other day and this fella comes up the road. He had his little young fella with him and a pram and the young fella was on one of them scooters with them three wheels and he stopped right in front of me and he's staring at me. I just smiled at him and his Da turned around and said 'don't mind him, he's starstruck' and he had to pull the young fella away. Next of all I hear the lad turn around and go 'Da, that's the boxer' and we all started laughing." 

That's only one of the anecdotes of public appreciation that she shared on the podcast, including another joyful incident while getting photos developed.

It hasn't been an easy road to this point in her career though but her coach Jimmy Halpin has been a positive catalyst.

 "You need to have someone backing you all the time. You need to have good backing behind you. So, all through the years, I've just never had that gel with anyone. It's never been there and then [coach] Jimmy came into the situation - I've known Jimmy for years and then we ended up in the same club together - and he always believed in me. I never actually believed how good I was." 

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