Some of the new season's kit launches have tried to stand out...with mixed results

West Ham's rapper didn't go down well

As marketing has taken hold, it seems the launch of football kits at the start of the season have to be more creative nowadays than back in the day. 

The players still wear the home and away kits and the photographers still have a role to capture the new kits on something more than a mannequin.

These days, different locations, backdrops and launch methods are used as the 2016-17 season build-up reveals. And on a related note here are the Premier League's new kit designs for 2016/17.


Like most football kits, Zenit St Petersburg's jersey is not designed for sub-zero temperatures. Be that as it may, the Russian side and Champions League regulars use the Arctic Circle as the background. The blue sky and ocean as well as icebergs do match the club colours of blue and white.



 Reading FC

 The Championship side saw outer space as the perfect backdrop for this year's new kit:




 West Ham

The Hammers thought a rapper would help their kit launch along. Based on reviews of the performance afterwards, it did not go down well, although feel free to judge by yourself.