"I was assaulted by a granny" - When Willie John McBride rescued Lamont from an umbrella-wielding assailant

Lamont, McBride and Ray McLoughlin shared stories from the 1966 tour

BY Raf Diallo 21:00 Friday 7 July 2017, 21:00 7 Jul 2017

Can the British and Irish Lions repeat last week's result when they face the All Blacks tomorrow? 

We'll find out soon enough but a trio of Irish Lions legends were all down at the Irish Open in Portstewart and Ger caught up with Willie John McBride, Ray McLoughlin and Ronnie Lamont to look back at some of the tours they were on.

But Lamont did touch on what needs to be done from a Lions perspective tomorrow.

"It'll be really tough going tomorrow. You've got to go beyond yourselves to beat the All Blacks. They did last week," Lamont told Off The Ball.

"It depends on the depth of their mental attitude, never mind skill or anything else - the depth of mental attitude. Can they produce tomorrow again."


Lamont also shared a memory when McBride stepped in to rescue him during the '66 tour to Australia and New Zealand.

"I was on that tour in '66 and we had the match in Cantebury. But that was really nothing compared to the match the following week called the Battle of Auckland. And I presume the people of today have not really heard about that. But it caused me to hold a record that I don't really want to hold," he said.

"I went off that field that day in a line, walking off and I was assaulted by a granny. And I was berated about the head with an umbrella and unfortunately for me, McBride was following behind and he gently lifts the umbrella from her, breaks it in two and hands it back to her and then says to me, 'Why do I always have to save you?' How do you live that one down!"

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