"It was a strange affair to say the least" - The League of Ireland branding report is raising many eyebrows

A branding expert assessed the League's positioning, and how it may improve its standing as a brand

This afternoon,  branding expert Jonathan Gabay made a presentation this evening at the Aviva Stadium regarding the League of Ireland.

A number of talking points emerged from the event, firstly on social media to some derision from journalists.

Listen to Daniel McDonnell's thoughts on the Brand Report: 

For example, Gabay suggested the use of bus stops to promote the league by painting them in club colours, unveiled a new logo and was passionate in his praise of the way the League has been run, describing it as "amazing". 

Speaking to Newstalk Sports' Daniel Kelly at the launch, FAI director of competitions Fran Gavin gave his take on the report, describing it as a "small piece of where we're trying to go with the League" and stressed that the report was "completely independent". 


"It's an independent review. I think that has to be stressed. A branding expert comes from outside to have a look at the League brand itself, particularly from a brand point of view," he said, adding that the FAI will have a marketing executive coming in soon as well as a revamped website for the League in 2017.

Off The Ball contributor and Irish Independent football writer Daniel McDonnell gave his take on what he heard at the presentation on tonight's show.

"We got a slightly strange report that as it went on, you were struggling to really believe that you were really hearing some of the things that you were hearing. I say this from the perspective of someone that is a fan of the League, very fond of the League and really wants the League to improve," said Dan.  

He explained that the report "swerved a lot of real issues, glossed over some real issues" and "produced some suggestions at the end that are just never going to be workable".

Dan concluded by saying that "it was a strange affair to say the least".