WATCH: It's 26 years since John McEnroe got himself disqualified from the Australian Open

At that time, he was the first person disqualified from a Grand Slam since 1963

Australian Open, John McEnroe

American tennis player John McEnroe argues with Grand Slam Supervisor Ken Farrar, at whom, MnEnroe later swore and was then disqualified from the Australian Open Tennis Championships in Melbourne, Australia on Jan. 21, 1990. (AP Photo/Rick Stevens)

Yesterday, Venus Williams got into a spot of bother at an already ignominious Australian Open for her.  

Following the veteran's first round exit this week, she was fined a record $5,000 for skipping her post-match press conference.

Given how much she has earned throughout a successful career, it is a small price to pay.

But 26 years ago today, John 'You can't be serious' McEnroe got a harsher punishment when he was disqualified from the Aussie Open.

The American major-winning legend was involved in a fourth round match against Mikael Pernfors of Sweden when three violation codes, becoming the first player in 27 years - at that point - to be disqualified from a Grand Slam event. 

The first violation code was for unsportsmanlike conduct, followed by one for racket abuse and then third came after McEnroe's vigorous complaints: