Why chasing Mourinho is "wrong response" for a Man United that's structurally behind

Football writer Miguel Delaney discusses issues behind the scene on Off The Ball

Ryan Giggs, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho (centre) and Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs (background) Picture by: Mike Egerton / EMPICS Sport

Manchester United's biggest battle is trying get even half-decent results on the pitch of late, but if some claims from over the weekend hold any water, there are other battles behind the scenes which will have a bearing on the future.

According to tweets released by the Red Issue over the weekend, there is a supposed split in the United boardroom between two different camps, including an anti-Mourinho group led by an "old guard".

Football writer Miguel Delaney joined Off The Ball tonight and he feels the club's issues do not only hinge on the identity of the next manager.

Jose Mourinho (Picture by: Mike Egerton / EMPICS Sport)

"Structurally, they're so behind the super clubs," he said, detailing the lack of expertise.

"United seem to have got into a situation where some of the hierarchy are a little bit spooked by the fact that [Man City] have Guardiola and they feel that the only response is to try and get someone similar, who is obviously Mourinho. But it's almost the wrong response because right now United are behind. If they just try and replicate that City move by getting the manager but without doing the ground-work behind it, then it's hard to see how they'd ever get ahead again in the short-term and in the long-term if they don't make these wider changes."