Mike Quirke on Galway: "They're like the horse that needs blinkers when they're favourites"

He and Karol Mannion review the weekend's Gaelic football action including Roscommon's Connacht triumph

BY Raf Diallo 21:42 Monday 10 July 2017, 21:42 10 Jul 2017

Roscommon's Tadgh O’Rourke with Fiontan O Curraoin of Galway ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson

Going against the current of expectation, Roscommon are 2017 Connacht Football champions after overturning Galway on Sunday. 

Mike Quirke and Karol Mannion joined Joe on Off The Ball to make sense of the match and what it says about both teams. 

For Quirke, the result shows a negative aspect of Galway when the favourites tag is applied.

"They're like the horse that needs blinkers when they're favourites. They just don't react well to having that position where they're fancied to win a game. The same thing happened last year against Tipperary when they went into that game as firm favourites," he said.  

"I just thought really Roscommon showed a level of ability that we hadn't seen, particularly this year's Division 1. It was great and it really vindicates McStay and the rest of them who went with younger guys." 

Meanwhile, there had been plenty of doubts about Roscommon after a difficult 2017 Division 1 league campaign, which saw them endure relegation in contrast to 2016's much more memorable efforts.

And Mannion credited the management team led by Kevin McStay for sticking to their principles as reflected in their blistering start.

"They were willing to take those risks and they had a philosophy that they believed in, they stuck with it and if it had gone bad yesterday and they hadn't won the Connacht final and the summer tapered off badly, then you never know where they'd end up. But they took their chances, they went with what they believed in and it came through yesterday for them. Their players put in a fantastic performance for them," said Mannion.  

Quirke also feels the result at the weekend is shedding light on a more exciting Football Championship than we've seen for a while.

"This is probably one of the most entertaining Football Championships that we've had in a decade or more," he said.

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