Can other teams succeed by mimicking Leicester's methods next season?

Pat Nevin chats to Off The Ball about that, the relegation battle and pre-match tunes

Leicester, Claudio Ranieri

Leicester's manager Claudio Ranieri gets a crown by Leicesters goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel as they lift the trophy as Leicester City celebrate becoming the English Premier League soccer champions at King Power stadium in Leicester, England, Saturday, May 7, 2016.(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Pat Nevin believes the fast-changing nature of football means replicating what Leicester have done this season won't pay the same dividends next season onwards.

The ex-Scotland, Chelsea and Everton winger joined Off The Ball as always on a Monday and although he expects teams to continue gate-crashing the Top Four but in their own ways.

"There is no doubt at all in my mind that if Leicester try and do exactly the same thing again or anyone tries to do what Leicester have done, it won't work because things will move on. You're a bit of a dinosaur if you're doing the same things you were doing four or five years ago as a team," he said.

Pat also talked about the effect of pre-match music for players in the dressing room.

"The first team I can remember getting boom boxes in were Wimbledon. But before they did that, I always had - it sounds terrible because it's not like the modern headphones - but I listening to a piece of music would get me into the right frame of mind that I wanted to be in and it could sometimes change but generally it was three or four songs that I particularly liked and they weren't thumping things to get you up. It was something more to make you feel confident, comfortable. 'This Is The Day' by The The or 'Ceremony' by New Order. That done it for me."

He also spoke about how a lively and powerful national anthem can also rouse a collective of players.