Pete McGrath believes some of the more unsavoury All-Ireland final moments "bring the game into disrepute"

Fermanagh manager cites jersey pulling as one example

BY Raf Diallo 20:35 Monday 19 September 2016, 20:35 19 Sep 2016

The Mayo team huddle before the game ©INPHO/James Crombie

Fermanagh manager Pete McGrath feels some of the more unsavoury incidents from the All-Ireland final "bring the game into disrepute".

Citing jersey pulling and other incidents from the Dublin vs Mayo draw, McGrath told Off The Ball that it tarnishes the image of Gaelic football.

"I thought the referee yesterday generally refereed the game well. He legislated for the conditions and he knew [that] maybe that people might not time their challenges well because of the under-foot conditions. I think he generally refereed the game okay," he said.

"But there were occasions when there were misdemeanours committed by players and the referee's gone over and you're just saying 'that's a black card' [only to find] 'no it's a yellow card'. Total uncertainty. Now, I presume the referee wasn't uncertain."

But beyond the grey area surrounding the use of the black card, McGrath mentioned the images of jerseys being pulled as one that does the game no good. 

 "There were a couple of very unsavoury incidents where people were absolutely pulling the jerseys off each other and for me that brings the game into disrepute in a big way because at the end of the day, the jersey you put on your back is the jersey that represents your county and the opposition the same and to see this happening during the game and to see photographs in the paper of people pulling the jerseys off each other, I think it does the image of Gaelic games no good whatsoever."

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