"It's kind of been forced more than anything else" - Peter Lawrie on why he's retiring

Irish golfer will end his European Tour at the end of the year

Golfer Peter Lawrie says he felt he had little choice but to retire.

This week, the Dubliner announced his retirement from the European Tour for the end of the season.

Thus the 42-year-old ends a 13-year career on the tour and he feels the time has come.

"It's kind of been forced more than anything else. I lost my playing privileges. I didn't get them back and it's kind of been a struggle all year trying to get into tournaments. Just looking at it and you think to yourself, if you're 42-years of age, you're not getting any better, the seniors tour is a long way out, there's a lot of young lads coming up, so you got to look at it as a business decision as well and what was coming in on the right hand was far out-weighing what was going out on the left hand," he told Off The Ball.  

Lawrie also added that he has a young family to think of now and that it's also "nice to come back to normality" after years on the road.

"At 25 I thought I could last forever but at 42, you sort of say to yourself, 'I just think I'm past my best.'"