Podge Collins on why he believes a second All-Ireland football championship should be on the agenda

Clare star is bemused at the reluctance to seriously push the idea forward

BY Raf Diallo 20:46 Thursday 26 May 2016, 20:46 26 May 2016

Clare star Podge Collins says he is on the right track as he continues his comeback from a serious knee injury.

The dual star suffered a cruciate knee injury last year but has seen some Allianz League action and is expected to feature against Limerick for the footballers in the Munster championship on Sunday, although he confirmed to Off The Ball that he doesn't think he will start the game.

But overall the player, who is the subject of a new documentary on his recovery called Podge Collins: My Toughest Year, says the knee is showing signs of returning to its best.

"Definitely after the Kilkenny game, I didn't feel normal. It felt like the knee didn't feel right. It felt weak, felt tired," he said.

"But since then each game it's come on a bit and even after the Waterford game the last day, it was the first time that the day after that I didn't feel anything wrong and I felt okay. So it is getting better but I have some admiration for Colm O'Neill after coming back from it three times because I definitely don't think I could come back from it a second time, let alone three times."   

Collins also talked about the debate surrounding the pros and cons of two-tier All-Ireland championships in Gaelic football to give the weaker counties a chance at silverware. 

"It's very hard for the Division 3 and 4 teams to compete in an All-Ireland," he said.

"I think maybe the idea of making a different championship was a good idea, a Top 16 and a second 16. Every other competition in the world, everyone would have a reasonable chance of going for it."

He also said he doesn't understand the reluctance in some quarters to take that idea forward.

"It is something that I think should be considered," he said, " I always thought it should have been considered that there should be a second championship. If you're good enough then, you win that competition, then you're fighting for the A competition."


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