Richie Power: "I probably need to teach myself how to walk properly again"

Richie Power explains why he is retiring from Kilkenny duty on Off The Ball

BY Raf Diallo 20:21 Tuesday 19 January 2016, 20:21 19 Jan 2016

Richie Power ©INPHO/James Crombie

Richie Power says needs to teach himself how to "walk properly again" as he the retiring Kilkenny great recovers from the toll of knee injuries.

The damage inflicted by recent knee injuries forced his hand when it came to ending his career, and he is "still walking with a bit of a limp" after his most recent operation in October.

"I probably have to go back to where I probably need to teach myself how to walk properly again," he told Off The Ball of the effects of the knee problems.

On the possibility of a future knee replacement, he said: "A knee replacement is an option but if you go down that line, the possibility of you getting back playing are very, very limited

He also added that "it's probably something that I'm facing into down the line".

Power also admits he "wasn't the best trainer" at times during his hugely successful career.

The 30-year-old announced his retirement today to end a career in which hurling fans saw his talents fully displayed out on the pitches of Croke Park and beyond.

Looking back on his career on Off The Ball tonight,  the Carrickshock clubman admits he had a "bit of a lazy streak".

"I probably wouldn't have been the best trainer in there and I think a lot of guys would agree with that. So I think JJ once referred to me in a questions and answers about who was the biggest moaner. I think I got the plaudits for that," he joked.

"I generally would be [at the back of the group when doing laps] or I wouldn't be training at all. I had a bit of a lazy streak but Mick Dempsey quickly got that out of me."

Power also explained why 2014 was so special for him as a career highlight.


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