Would Connacht fans prefer Robbie Henshaw to go abroad than towards Leinster?

Craggy Island rugby podcast host Rob Murphy speaks of "anger" among fanbase on the Rewind

Robbie Henshaw, Ireland, Connacht

Ireland's Robbie Henshaw ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

It had been coming for a while ever since he hinted about a move away on Newstalk Breakfast last year.

But finally it was confirmed yesterday, that Robbie Henshaw will indeed leave Connacht at the end of the season.

For now the destination is unknown, but many have long speculated that the 22-year-old Ireland international will join Leinster.

The reaction from those who follow Connacht is "one of disappointment but not a huge amount of surprise" according to Rob Murphy, who reports on the province for Galway Bay FM and presents the Craggy Island rugby podcast.

Emphasising that Connacht fans wish the player well due to his affinity with the province, Murphy told Newstalk's Rewind podcast: "People are going to find it hard that he's going to be playing with another province next year and I have to say it would be easier for Connacht rugby people to take this if he was going abroad because it would be a sense of those inevitable things that's happening in rugby right now. The money is just better in France and England. But in this case, in this scenario, this is another province and this is a real feeling of that province asserting its advantage over Connacht."

He also explained that there is "a lot of anger from Connacht fans, when you look at social media and the calls I've been taking and the people I've been talking to".

Murphy also spoke about the challenge of replacing the player from a Connacht perspective.

Listen to the full interview on the podcast player: