Robbie Fowler's not too keen on Euro 2016's current format

He also heaps praise on Wales' Aaron Ramsey

Robbie Fowler,

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Robbie Fowler believes the 24-team format for Euro 2016 may not be the best set up for Europe's flagship international competition.

This year's Euros is the first to go up to 24 teams from the 16 introduced at Euro 96.

But ex-Liverpool and England forward Fowler, who played at the Euro 96, thinks the 24-team format may need a tweak.

"I'm not sure the concept of the 24 teams was a winner but I've enjoyed it. Certainly the first two games within the groups were great but probably the last one, that goes back to the 24 teams. That probably needs looking at. Go back to 16 or maybe up to 32. But I think overall it's been enjoyable," he said at the launch of Eir Sport. 

He also spoke about Wales' success and feels Aaron Ramsey has even "outshone" Gareth Bale en route to a semi-final the Arsenal player is suspended for.

As for England's failure to defeat Iceland or go beyond the Round of 16, Fowler also believes there are wider issues.

"I think a lot of it comes down to the management as well. When you're a manager who's very strong, you're playing players in their proper positions, I think that certainly helps. You look at England's formation," he said.

"You're playing with one striker at times and two wide players playing off them and really some players will do that for the club but there's a lot of them that don't play that formation at the club. So it's hard and you need a manager to come in and be strong and play the players who are in form - not players who have done well in the past - playing players in their proper positions which certainly helps as well." 

Fowler later spoke to Newstalk's Team 33 about his own international career, contrasting his three-year wait for a first senior cap to the Marcus Rashford generation, as well as the barrage of criticism aimed at players like Raheem Sterling. We'll play out that chat on Team 33 after Euro 2016 along with an interview with Harry Redknapp.

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