Teddy O'Donovan says his sons "don't fear any crew" as they stare down Olympic gold

The Skibbereen man was speaking exclusively to Newstalk and gave some insight into his son's background and will to win

Teddy O'Donovan, the Father of Olympic rowers Gary and Paul, believes his sons "wont fear any crew" as they head into the final of their rowing event on Friday afternoon.

The Brothers have taken Brazil by storm and have become cult heroes in Ireland along with Skibbereen where they learned how to row.

Teddy, speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, said "to have the two of them competing exclusively in the one boat is incredible."

The Cork man rowed when he was growing up and wanted his sons to do the same as it is a "great character builder" but admits "I didn't achieve anything like they did but I couldn't wait to get them started."

Obviously extremely proud of his son's achievements, he says they are "different animals in the boat than outside of the boat" as their happy-go-lucky style on land is starkly contrasted to their steely determination once they get into the boat.

While the French remain red-hot favourites, Teddy says he has "studied the times and the splits" and says that all betting is off if his sons can be a link or two down heading into the final stages of the race. ""A to B as fast as you can go, close the eyes and pull like a dog" as one half of the duo, Paul, said recently after a race.

"They thrive on that position," he says and believes they won't fear any crew.

Their race takes place at 2.45 this afternoon.