Stuart Byrne: Stephen Kenny playing "dangerous game"

Dundalk manager has been involved in war of words with Cork City counterpart John Caulfield

Stuart Byrne: Stephen Kenny playing "dangerous game"

©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Former Shelbourne midfielder Stuart Byrne feels it's a "dangerous game" for Stephen Kenny to publicly make a point about the fact that Dundalk have been awarded far fewer penalties than title rivals Cork City.

Kenny's remarks have led to an increasingly heated war of words with Cork City counterpart John Caulfield whose side have a nine point lead in the League of Ireland Premier Division table over his own reigning champions.

"I think it's a dangerous game for Stephen when you go down that route, when you point out that you're not getting enough penalties. It can go one way or it can go another," said Stuey.

"It can look a little bit like sour grapes but he's entitled to defend his team as well. We've seen this before [with] Alex Ferguson who was a master at this and Mourinho was a master of it as well. It always something they did very well - this idea of trying to take the pressure away from the team.

"But it's a dangerous game because there is deja vu here. Because this is very similar to the year we had in 2005 where everything didn't seem right from the start of the season. 

"Pat Fenlon at that stage had pretty much picked a fight with the authorities, with referees and it went on for a couple of months and when it settled down, it was only then that we went and started to play.

"And I'd be fearful for Dundalk that this has to go away now and they need to get back to the business in hand."

Jokingly, Stuey added of the recent war of words between the managers, "I miss all this stuff. This used to happen all the time when I was playing. Bring it back. Let these guys go at it."