Watch: Miesha Tate surrenders her title after one round following bombardement from Amanda Nunes

The fight was over before it ever began as Nunes

Miesha Tate's reign as the UFC's bantamweight champions is over after Amanda Nunes dominated her from start to finish at UFC 200 in Las Vegas in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Much of the talk before the fight was about who Tate would fight next, whether it be Ronda Rousey or holly Holm but Venezuelan Nunes had other ideas.

 It was over so quickly that this live blog of the action by MMAFighting is better than any report. 

"Main event time. If you'd have said that Amanda Nunes would be headlining UFC 200 six months ago — or really ever — would have called you a careless liar. But here we are. Miesha Tate in her first title defense, and Herb Dean is the referee. They touch gloves. Tate circles early. Jab from Nunes, and a big leg kick from her. Tate has a tendency to start slow; see if that's the case tonight. Nunes tries a kick, and Tate shoots in a takes her down immediately, very nice. But Nunes bounces right back up, and wrests free. They reset. Again Tate ducks under a punch and gets low on Nunes, and now Nunes throws her down and barely misses a knee that would have been illegal. Big right hand that got Tate flush, that hurt. Right hand again, and she's reeling a bit. Nunes slips coming in, but lands a right anyway. Now big right hand and Tate takes it flush! She falls on her own. She's in bug trouble. Nunes just teeing off, pursuing Tate, who is bleeding profusely on the golden canvas. Nunes takes her back and she taps Tate out with a rear-naked choke! Damn. That was one hell of a performance from Nunes.