"Terrific!" - Phil Thompson reacts to Liverpool back-tracking on ticket price plans

Reds great tells Off The Ball what he thinks of issue

Phil Thompson, Liverpool

Phil Thompson (Picture by: Peter Byrne / PA Archive/Press Association Images)

Liverpool legend Phil Thompson is "thrilled" that the club's owners have listen to the fans and climbed down on their ticket price plans.

Proposals for a £77 set of seats were met with protests in the form of a fan walkout at Anfield on Saturday, forcing Liverpool's owners to make a U-turn and apology tonight.

"This was unprecedented what we have seen," he said to Off The Ball of the weekend walkout, which he sees as one for football fans in general who feel that "enough is enough".

"I think enough is enough and I am absolutely thrilled that they have listened to them and hopefully other clubs will listen to their fans and realise that the fans still do have a big say in this matter. I think it's been terrific by the owners and terrific by the fans."

Thompson felt that it was a "missed opportunity" not to lower the ticket prices as Premier League clubs prepare for a large income stream from broadcasting cash.

The Telegraph Merseyside football reporter Chris Bascombe also spoke about his perspective on why Liverpool have climbed down on their ticket price plans.

And he also feels that other clubs will have to "rethink their strategy" when it comes to ticket prices on the back of the events from the last few days.