John Divilly: Rochford " doing too much messin'" with the Mayo game-plan

Ex-Dublin star Tomas Quinn and Galway All-Ireland winner speak on Off The Ball

Aidan O'Shea, dive, The Sunday Game, Pat Spillane

Image: ©INPHO/James Crombie

Ex-Dublin star Tomas Quinn believes Mayo have not shown any signs of having an "obvious" game-plan.

Their comeback win over Fermanagh at the weekend in the qualifiers was overshadowed by the Aidan O'Shea "diving" incident.

Former Galway All-Ireland winner John Divilly joined Tomas on Off The Ball as they both reacted to the result and the O'Shea "dive" fallout.

"In terms of their style of play and what they're looking to do, I didn't see anything obvious," said Tomas, who felt Fermanagh in contrast had an obvious game-plan.

Divilly continued that point in regards to Stephen Rochford's tactics with this Mayo side and whether changes were unnecessary: "He seems to have come in and really tinkered with the whole thing and put in his owns stamp on it, which is fine, but this team doesn't have two or three years to adapt to a new style. They just want to get over the line."

He concluded that Rochford is "doing too much messin' with the team".

Divilly also felt the decision to award the penalty decision in favour of O'Shea was wrong but got the sense that O'Shea did not expect the decision to go his way.

"I wouldn't say he spotted an opportunity. I'd just say he couldn't believe he even got the penalty himself. The look on his face was 'did I really get that?'" he said.  

Tomas and Divilly also gave their takes on the changing tactics in Gaelic football - namely sweeper or defensive systems - as well as a look at the Roscommon vs Galway Connacht final which will now go to a replay.

Divilly also feels Roscommon have one major asset in comparison to his own county.

"The one advantage Roscommon have over Galway is they have a better bench. They have at least five or six guys to come in," he said.