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American Football

College Football Final preview: A tale of two generational QBs

The 2020 College football final is upon us, as Louisiana State University (LSU) take on Clemson U...

College Football Final preview...
American Football

College Football Final preview: A tale of two generational QBs

The 2020 College football final is upon us, as Louisiana State University (LSU) take on Clemson Univeristy at 1am GMT on Tuesday morning.

LSU take on the side from South Carolina in New Orleans to compete for the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy, with Clemson going into the game as reigning champions after beating Alabama in 2018.

The sides are well-matched in historical terms, with three NCAA Division 1 Championships each.

Last year's win for Clemson joins NCAA trophies from 1981 and 2016, while LSU's most recent victory was in 2007.

The whole game is the story of two quarterbacks that are seen as generational talents; the two that will potentially come to define the NFL for the next decade or more.

Enter Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence.

Thorough Burrow

Burrow moved to LSU from Ohio State, and has left a question on many lips.

His meteoric rise has been so stark that many pundits wonder whether his incredible form was down to generational talent shining through, or if it is due to Tigers' first-year pass-game coordinator Joe Brady.

While that might be an issue for NFL recruiters, it is not one for the viewing public to worry about, as the records tumble for Burrow.

He is number one NFL draft pick for a reason: it took only seven games into LSU's season for Burrow to break the season-long touchdown record in the NCAA.

Just a fortnight after that, he managed to beat the single-season completions record away at Alabama, to confirm his status as the most sought-after college footballer.

As if that were not enough, ten games into the season, he officially broke the record of the most single-season passing yards, previously held by LSU quarterback Rohan Davey - much to Davey's delight.

Burrow's incredible season saw him awarded the coveted Heisman Trophy, taking the gong from Kyler Murray - now of the Arizona Cardinals.

Last time out, Burrow threw seven touchdowns and hit 493 yards in LSU's 63-28 demolition of Oklahoma. He will hope to continue his prodigious output against Clemson on Tuesday morning.

Whatever happens, this will be a game for the ages, as Clemson's quarterback Trevor Lawrence is no slouch either.

Lawrence on fire

Trevor Lawrence burst onto the national football scene one year ago exactly, as he was pitted against Alabama's Tua Tagoviloa the 2019 College Football Playoff.

While all the pre-match talk surrounded his opponent - a pattern repeating to a lesser extent this time around - Clemson cleaved apart the Tide with a comprehensive 44-16 win.

Underdog no more.

Since then, he has won 14 games - with an ACC championship included - and thrown more then 3,400 yards and for 36 touchdowns.

His game is more than that though, as his rushing stats confirm: another 514 yards and eight touchdowns.

The story remains intriguing, and Lawrence is a beguiling foil for Burrow, as the Clemson QB talks with typical Southern humility about his opposite number and 'the road he took to get here.'

But a player does not reach the heights that Lawrence has without incredible wherewithal, meaning this game will not be one to miss.

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