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Nick Kyrgios tells Irish Umpire "You're a f***ing tool, bro"

The bad boy of tennis Nick Kyrgios was up to his old tricks at the Cincinnati Masters en route to...

Nick Kyrgios tells Irish Umpir...
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Nick Kyrgios tells Irish Umpire "You're a f***ing tool, bro"

The bad boy of tennis Nick Kyrgios was up to his old tricks at the Cincinnati Masters en route to defeat by Russian eighth seed Karen Khachanov.

Even by Nick Kyrgios's own high or should that be low standards this was a meltdown of volcanic proportions. The full box of temper tantrum tricks was unveiled, most were directed at Irish umpire Fergus Murphy.

Swearing at the umpire. Check.

Dodgy call for the trainer. Check.

Calling the Irish umpire a "potato". Check.

Requesting a toilet break, having it denied, then going anyway. Check

Using the fake toilet break just to smash two, yes two racquets. Check.

Screaming "you are the worst ref in the world" literally into the sky. Check.

Randomly bringing Rafa Nadal into it. Check.

Spitting after abusing the umpire. Check.

Refusing to shake hands with the umpire post-game. Check.


The first seeds of discontent ironically came from a positive moment, when he turned around a 5-3 deficit in the opening set to win in a tiebreak.

He did call for the trainer in that first set and was then overheard saying he would be "done" had he not. He was 5-3 down, so a questionable use of calling the trainer.

In the second set, Kyrgios began to fume at Irish Umpire Fergus Murphy. Why? Well, for starting the service countdown clock too soon. Kyrgios was not penalised, nor was there any question about there being a time fault. It was the umpire turning on the clock which stoked the Australian's ire.

Kyrgios claimed to be "the fastest player on tour",  then brought Nadal into the argument "what sport does Rafa play? Not tennis." This argument, although at times it is unclear who Kyrgios is arguing with, was certainly directed at the chair.

Although having body served Nadal at Wimbledon, we know he doesn't care too much for Rafa.


Again, Kyrgios was leading when he really began to really blow up about the countdown clock at the umpire. He was 30-0 up at 5-5 in the second. Murphy didn't penalise him. *insert multiple shrug emojis*.

"Why do I always have problems with this potato in the chair?" was the refrain when Kygios had capitulated to lose the second set in a tiebreak.

"I don't understand how you've still got a gig to be honest. It's unreal that he's still got a job," he said of Murphy.

By the time the third set came around, the actual tennis was truly secondary.

Kyrgios was officially given a code violation between the second and third sets for swearing at the umpire.

"The worst ref ever. The worst ref in the game. Every single time I play he's doing some stupid shit. Every time. Every single time."

Then came the 'bathroom break', the only break came to the pair of racquets he brought with him. See below.

"Not now, Nick". Ignored. Brings the pair of racquets off the court, smashes them in the hall and returns.

The racquets were damaged, but Murphy didn't penalise him. Technically not an on-court violation.

Kyrgios takes his seat and starts re-gripping a new racquet, despite the umpire requesting he return to the court.

"I'm gripping my racquet, bro. Tough s**t," the curt reply.


He did take to the court for the third set.

His opponent didn't escape a few barbs either. After Kyrgios had actually received a time violation for regripping his racquet mid-game and not taking his position on the court.

He disagreed "I was in a returning position. Just because you can't play tennis. I'm standing in a return position,"

The final four games of the match took just nine minutes. Kachanov played well but not surprisingly Kyrgios's head was completely gone.

After shaking hands with Khachanov, Kyrgios turned towards the umpire.

"You're a f***ing tool, bro," he said, before spitting in the umpire's direction and refusing to shake his hand.

To add a further level of the bizarre to proceedings, Kygios then calmly picked up his broken racquets, and gave them to young fans in the crowd. Nine News Sydney, captures some of the highlights below.

As recently as August Kyrgios was adamant he had changed his ways, this is the second explosive incident in a fortnight.

Kyrgios talent is undoubted, but tennis authorities will run out of patience, quicker than Kyrgios after this incident.

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