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Off The Ball is supporting World Blood Donor Day on the 14th June - here's how you can help

Off The Ball are delighted to once again support the "Every One Counts" campaign with the Irish B...

Off The Ball is supporting Wor...
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Off The Ball is supporting World Blood Donor Day on the 14th June - here's how you can help

Off The Ball are delighted to once again support the "Every One Counts" campaign with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service to raise awareness for the need for people to give blood. 

On this particular drive, we are celebrating World Blood Donor Day on the 14th June - a day of recognition for the wonderful gift that donors give to help save the lives of ill patients and people around the country.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved and help save lives this summer. Typically the rate of blood donation falls during the summer as people are travelling, or simply that their routines are disrupted with the kids off school.

We only ask for a minute of your time to look at some stats that may surprise you.

1 in 4 people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime. We have all had experiences where a loved one is in need of urgent care and that's where blood transfusions play a vital role.

Only 3% of the eligible population are active blood donors, despite 100% firmly believing it is a good thing to do! For many people, the intention is there but they just struggle to find the time to take the final step and attend a clinic.

Two out of three blood donations go to cancer patients who get transfusions as part of their treatment. 27% of blood is used in surgery and emergency room situations while 6% of blood is used for the treatment of new-born babies and birth complications.

This Summer, are challenging our readers and listeners to check their eligibility below, find a clinic, and help save a life!

Your community needs YOU!

The goal of the IBTS is to get people talking about blood donation and to take up the healthy habit as well as encourage friends and family to do the same. The simple act could go a long way towards helping someone who has been in an accident or is struggling with poor health.

You might not be able to attend your local clinic every time it comes to your town, but it’s really important to try and donate as regularly as possible.

All the blood used in Irish hospitals every day comes from Irish resident donors. Blood only lasts for a maximum of 35 days and cannot be frozen.

IBTS needs 3000 units of blood donated every week to keep up with demand so every drop of blood from every donation matters.

Send us your stories, and you could find yourself on air!

As part of 'Every One Counts', want to hear about stories from you, your family or your friends about how blood transfusions helped you.

Contact us at [email protected] with the heading 'Every One Counts'.

Did you know?

The IBTS are looking particularly for men aged 35+ in their drive for blood donations!

Before giving blood, it is important you are well hydrated and fed. Most regular donors can give blood after non strenuous exercise once well hydrated, well rested and have tolerated previous donations without any ill effects.

You cannot give blood if you are planning exercise afterwards that day or for 2 weeks before or after extreme exercise, e.g. marathon, triathlon.

If you have any queries on this check at clinic or give the donor query line a call beforehand on 1850 731 137

Check your eligibility & find your clinic:

* Check your eligibility by doing the quick eligibility quiz

* Find out where your local clinic is or register your interest in the link below

For more information, check out:

Your donation could make a huge difference and give someone the best summer of their lives!

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