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OTB are supporting the latest IBTS Blood Drive - Here is how you can help

Off The Ball will be playing an exclusive interview with jockey Pat Smullen about his battle agai...

OTB are supporting the latest...

OTB are supporting the latest IBTS Blood Drive - Here is how you can help

Off The Ball will be playing an exclusive interview with jockey Pat Smullen about his battle against pancreatic cancer, and how blood transfusions helped to save his life.

This is the second stage of our partnership with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service for the "Every One Counts" campaign, to raise awareness of the need for people to donate blood!

You can help save a life if you give blood with the If you don't believe us, then it's worth listening to Newstalk's Tom Dunne and his incredible story of emergency heart surgery.

It is easy to think that these things will never happen to you, as Tom intimates. But they will - if not directly to you, then someone in your community. 1 in 4 of us will need a blood transfusion in our lifetime. We all know someone that has found themselves in need of urgent care, and blood transfusions are a vital part of this process.

All the blood used in Irish hospitals every day comes from Irish resident donors and as blood only last maximum 35 days and cannot be frozen, needs 3000 units of blood donated every week to keep up with demand so it’s so important to give blood as every drop from every donation matters. are asking our readers and listeners to check their eligibility below and find a clinic to help someone in need!

Your stories

Off The Ball are interested in hearing from you about any times that you have benefited from blood transfusions – the times you’ve given back, or the times that you have come to appreciate its importance.

The facts

· Only 3% of the eligible Irish population give blood, and blood is required every day of the year.

· Most regular donors can give blood after exercise once they are well hydrated and well rested.

· You cannot give blood if you are planning exercise afterwards that day or for 2 weeks before or after extreme exercise, e.g. marathon, triathlon.

· If you have any queries on the above before attending a clinic you can give the donor query line a call beforehand on 1850 731 137.

Your community needs YOU!

Off The Ball and want to get more conversations happening in everyday life about blood donation and why it’s such an important habit to start, continue and encourage in others. When you give blood you really do help another person who is struggling with ill health or who has had a serious accident.

You might not be able to attend your local clinic every time it comes to your town, but it’s really important to think about becoming a regular blood donor.

Check your eligibility & find your clinic: * Check your eligibility by doing the quick eligibility quiz.

Find out where your local clinic is or register your interest in the link below.

Find a clinic right here.

For more information, check out:

Or check out Giveblood on Youtube.

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