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5 Things we learned from Kieran Donaghy’s Shot Clock | Diving, WWE, Hazard, Coaching

Welcome to Kieran Donaghy's Shot Clock - a weekly feature on OTB AM which sees the Kerry legend g...


5 Things we learned from Kieran Donaghy’s Shot Clock | Diving, WWE, Hazard, Coaching

Welcome to Kieran Donaghy's Shot Clock - a weekly feature on OTB AM which sees the Kerry legend go head-to-head with Ger Gilroy!

These ultra competitive debates will see each side fight their corner on a range of hot topics from across the world of sport, with a two-minute timer ensuring they get to the point.

The GAA needs to work on their entertainment

Donaghy outlined the GAA’s lack of creativity in the pre-game entertainment department.

“We have a real thing in the GAA where we rock in 5 minutes before the game because it’s so boring beforehand.”

We all dream of a Super Bowl type atmosphere 2 hours before a championship game, but is it feasible for the GAA? Ger chimed in and put it to Donaghy that maybe it’s just the fact that the GAA are too busy.

“I think the brands and the sponsors have a bit of a role to play too. Sometimes we expect the GAA to be able to put on a massive event when they’re actually busy putting on millions of fixtures.”

Retirements in the NBA

Two of the NBA’s biggest stars are retiring this week after the conclusion of the regular NBA season. Both players, Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, played their last games in the NBA after incredibly successful careers.

Donaghy spoke fondly of Nowitzky, who has had one of the longest careers in the league’s history.

“He is an amazing talent for a guy who is seven-foot but he’s one of the best shooters of all time to ever play the game.”

Wade is also widely expected to be an NBA Hall-of-Famer. He famously teamed up with Lebron James in Miami Heat.

“The two of them are all-time legends and went out in different ways," Kieran reflected.

Time for Hazard to move on?

Is it finally time for Hazard to move on?

“It’s just a fine line between how good he is and the goals he gets, has he kind of under-delivered?”

Donaghy admits that Hazard would be a colossal loss to his beloved Chelsea, although a move to the likes of Real Madrid or PSG could be what Eden Hazard needs to push him to the next bracket of elite footballers.

Ger agreed with Donaghy and also recognised that the time may have passed for Hazard already:

“At the end of his career we’re going to look back and go, ‘If he had just been able to do that a bit more often.”

Rory McIlroy’s time at last?

It’s April and the Masters is upon us, as always Rory McIlroy is in contention.

This time however, Rory is a changed man claiming that the urgency he felt at the Masters in previous years is no longer there.

When Ger put it to Donaghy that Rory may never win the masters Donaghy noted that his putting is the biggest part of his game that has let him down in Augusta.

“All he has to do is just putt. If Rory putts well in Augusta and he gets a feel for those greens and he sees a few drop in he’s going to be very hard to beat and it’s as simple as that”

Every year Rory is the player on people’s minds at Augusta after his 2011 capitulation. This year is no different, and it could finally be the year he completes his career Grand Slam.  

A cool head is needed for coaching kids

After Des Curran’s tales of overly aggressive and intimidating parents at underage football games, the topic came up in this morning’s Shot Clock.

“To be honest when they’re 8 and 10 if you get their attention you’re doing well. It has to be about enjoyment at that age.”

“These coaches that are shouting at kids at that age would want to get a grip”

Donaghy correctly pointed out that at that age, kids aren’t as interested in winning as adults. They just want to have fun and sometimes, that’s all that’s needed for them to fall in love with the game.

That’s it for this week’s Shot Clock. You can the catch the previous episodes on our YouTube channel!

Email [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions for topics to debate!

Words: Iarla Muldoon

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