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'It's so boring how effortlessly professional they are' | Louise Galvin on Dubs

Former Kerry star and Irish rugby player Louise Galvin says the 'boring' nature of the Dublin sen...

'It's so boring how effortless...

'It's so boring how effortlessly professional they are' | Louise Galvin on Dubs

Former Kerry star and Irish rugby player Louise Galvin says the 'boring' nature of the Dublin senior footballers helps make them the great team they are.

The Leinster champions take on Cavan tomorrow evening in the All-Ireland semi-final, knowing two more wins will see them lift Sam Maguire for the sixth year in succession.

Galvin joined OTB AM this morning ahead of the weekend's last-four action, and said the lack of news out of the Dublin camp speaks volumes.

"Since the Leinster final we've barely heard a word out of camp. They just do all their talking on the field. It's so boring nearly how effortlessly professional they are!

"You could not dig up a bit of dirt, you couldn't dig up a bit of a comment or 'This guy said this here, can we take an angle on that?'

"They're just such consummate professionals and then they have a few Rolls-Royce footballers that are generationally superb.

"The likes of Brian Fenton - you could just watch him all day gliding all over the field. It's just boring isn't it? But it's so admirable, it's so admirable."

Galvin says the team ethic is what makes the Dubs stand out particularly for her.

"They're just super impressive. But what they seem to have created is this incredible culture of, it's not about who scores, it's the team getting over the line.

"Within that then they have an incredible competition for places... they have players itching to get on the field to play but the goals are very much team goal-oriented.

"They're not selfish. They have clutch players... but it's always with a team focus and a team outlook. I think that's the most important thing."

So how can Cavan go about stopping Dessie Farrell's Dublin juggernaut? Galvin says the Ulster champions need to continue the mindset that has seen them get this far.

"Probably if they can stay within five or six points, it would be huge for them. Having said that, Mickey Graham has the bit of Midas touch in having these underdog teams and instilling this incredible belief in them.

"The other thing is, if they go behind they're not going to drop the heads à la Meath or maybe some of the other teams that are used to playing Dublin.

"They haven't played Dublin in so long to have that sense of 'Oh we're five or six points behind now, it's done, it's dead in the water.'

"They might have seen it with other squads but they're the sort of team that dig in, so I don't see if they do go down early in the game, I don't see it turning into a 10, 12, 15-point drubbing. I think they'll stick with it because they're incredibly dogged.

"But it is difficult to see where they're going to win this game. At the same time I keep telling myself some time this Dublin team are going to lose. They're going to have to lose.

"Maybe an All-Ireland semi-final in the current structure without a quarter-final is the place it's going to happen, because I don't think anyone in Leinster has the belief or the players to topple them.

"And I think if you get them in an All-Ireland final stage they're so incredibly focused."

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