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"He would have chiseled the mountain himself" | The legend of Dermot Earley

Selectors Shane Curran and John Caulfield explained why Dermot Earley simply couldn't be left off...

Selectors Shane Curran and John Caulfield explained why Dermot Earley simply couldn't be left off Roscommon's sporting Mt Rushmore on Friday's OTB AM

After a brief bit of confusion on Friday's OTB AM, Shane Curran, one of the selectors alongside John Caulfield for Roscommon's sporting Rushmore, confirmed that there was obviously no way that Dermot Earley could be left off it.

In what the St Brigid's club-man deemed a little bit of 'early morning banter to get the juices flowing,' when it came down to it Earley was as certain a selection as any sportsperson on any of our OTB mountains.

"Of course I've no problem putting Dermot Earley up on Roscommon's Rushmore," he reassured his fellow selector John and the OTB AM viewers. "He is the iconic figure of Roscommon football.

"He transcended life, like, and he could probably chisel it out himself he was so strong and brilliant. He is on the mountain, but Jesus, I'd never be allowed back in Roscommon if he wasn't

"I was only putting someone else half way up the ladder but Dermot would pass them out then on his way to the top."

A certainty then for the Roscommon Rushmore, Dermot Earley enjoyed a glittering career with the county's footballers.

The winner of five Connacht titles, one National League and a pair of All-Star awards, his inclusion meant that while he stands tall on one county's Rushmore, his son Dermot Jr. will be represented on the Kildare alternative.

Widely respected across the country, Dermot Sr. suffered an untimely death at 62 a little over 10 years ago. As was discussed during our selection of the Kildare Rushmore, the esteem in which he and his family was held transmitted the whole of Ireland that day.

In justifying his initial inclusion, John Caulfield, a Roscommon man better known for his exploits with Cork City, explained why Dermot Sr. meant so much to people in the county.

"I felt that he was the iconic figure of that great team in the 1970s and '80s," he explained. "Across his career with Roscommon I believe he had more influence than anyone.

"He was the best footballer in the county, he was the main man. Dermot was always very disciplined and was a leader, the inspirational player like Roy Keane, you know.

"Dermot was the guy for Roscommon."

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