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Mayo rout, Galway's next step, Meath credit | Kieran Donaghy's GAA takeaways

Kieran Donaghy will be joining us every Monday morning on OTB AM to reflect on the key weekend ta...

Mayo rout, Galway's next step,...

Mayo rout, Galway's next step, Meath credit | Kieran Donaghy's GAA takeaways

Kieran Donaghy will be joining us every Monday morning on OTB AM to reflect on the key weekend talking points from the football league and championship.

It was a busy couple of days - with Mayo's trouncing of Galway in Tuam Stadium the big result from Division One. Kerry impressed in a three-point win over Monaghan in Inniskeen, while the Dubs saw off a stern Meath challenge and Donegal beat Tyrone.

Here are some of Kieran's top talking points from the GAA weekend that was:

Aidan O'Shea at full-forward:

"They handpassed a lot of ball into him in the 'D' where he caused wreck, he won six or seven frees. Normally he's winning those frees out the pitch, he always gets fouled in the middle of the pitch.

"It's no real advantage to Mayo, it slows the game down for Mayo, it allows defenders to get back. Whereas yesterday, he's so strong and athletic that when he puts the head down and goes inside you... if you're one-on-one you're fouling him.

"I think it's very positive for Mayo. He played there a few years ago in a [Connacht final] one year at Hyde Park and he got 3-4 or something, he just looked devastating in there.

"They have to play this guy in here - he's dangerous, he's smart, he's powerful, he's got the quick hands from the basketball."

Galway no need to be too worried:

"I don't think it's as negative as it's probably made out to be for Galway. I know [Pádraic] Joycey said it was the most disappointing day of his career, he'd feel like that on the sideline looking out at it.

"But I think when he goes home and looks at it... they were missing nine or 10, it didn't start well for them. When you have a lot of lads that aren't that cohesive with each other and there's a team dominating, it's very hard to bring it around.

"Galway will be worried but what happens with a team that are worried is all of a sudden anything that they were doing that was a small bit off over the last few weeks they'll be really honing in on it.

"They'll really dial in on each other now and demand more from each other, because the fear factor will be there."

Meath credit:

"Dublin weren't at their best but you've got to give Meath a bit of credit, they've been unlucky in this league. They've performed well, but they just haven't been able to see games out and see games over the line which is why their position is where it is.

"It wasn't as if they were hammered in every game, they've put it up to everybody. They gave Kerry a serious game back in February."

Dublin discipline a positive:

"I saw Kevin McStay talk about their discipline at times last night, their reaction to getting fouls, starting rows, as a negative.

"I looked at it as an extremely positive thing - Dublin still care an awful lot. They weren't willing to lie down, they were still playing right on the edge, they still have the hunger.

"They are all good things to see in my eyes from a team that has just won five-in-a-row."

Can Cork cause Kerry any problems in Munster?

"Cork are mixing that blend of experience with a shot of under-20s, an injection of those guys came in last year.

"They're building nicely, they've got a good management team under Ronan McCarthy, Cian O'Neill is doing a lot of work on their physical conditioning.

"Look, we're judging them on playing Division Three teams, it's a serious step up. But with Cork and Kerry a lot of these fellas have played college ball together, they know each other.

"It's going to be a tight game, [but] I expect Kerry to have too much for them up front in the end."

Kerry getting the best from David Clifford and Tony Brosnan?

"They're two highly-skilled individuals, and they're very driven guys. [Tony] is very accurate, very tricky and playing alongside David Clifford who is going to take so much minding, he's a perfect little sniper of a corner-forward.

"If you threw in the likes of [Paul] Geaney and Tommy Walsh and these other fellas, Killian Spillane, he's just a bit of an ace in the card [Brosnan], he's smaller and quicker than most that we have.

"He's a good passer, he's a good kicker, he makes good decisions and he's a good teammate - himself and David Clifford were brilliant around me last year."

Having inter-county back - should the GAA be doing their best to get this season played?

"I think they do. I think the GAA could look at getting guys from counties... Zoom was a big thing in lockdown and rather than guys getting together to watch a game, tell people to set up Zoom parties and not to be going around to people's houses.

"We should try and get this GAA played, we're all sportspeople and I was looking forward to watching the games on Saturday and Sunday.

"There's a lot of people out there that that was probably the highlight of their week so far. We should try our best to keep it going."

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