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Are McIlroy's problems with his wedge or his mind? | Golf Weekly

It seems everyone is trying to diagnose the reason behind Rory McIlroy's ongoing major drought. F...

It seems everyone is trying to diagnose the reason behind Rory McIlroy's ongoing major drought.

For all the Northern Irish golfer's talent, his last major win was six years ago at the PGA Championship in 2014.

As such, after every major begins a recurring post-mortem to decipher just what went wrong and it's something no one is more eager to resolve than the Holywood golfer himself.

While he is seemingly yet to find the answer, Golf Weekly has also turned its hand to trying to figure it out.

Joining the show last week, former European Tour golfer Gary Murphy offered bluntly that McIlroy just "isn't a good wedge player."

While Peter Lawrie agreed in part on this week's podcast he also argued that it was a problem that should be an easy fix for the four-time major winner.

"Hitting a wedge there's no great or huge technique to it. It's all about feel," Lawrie explained to Nathan Murphy and Dave McIntyre.

A potential remedy, Lawrie suggested, would be working with an esteemed coach like Dave Alred who has aided Padraig Harrington, Luke Donald and Francesco Molinari in the past.

However, while that could appease some of his issues, Lawrie queried whether there was a bigger more difficult-to-solve problem holding McIlroy back.

"This is my point about Jim Herman," the former Spanish Open winner said, "if he can do it when the chips are down, then why can't Rory do it when the chips are down?"

"And Rory has a better swing, a better technique, he's been there before, he's been at the height of competition. Why can't Rory do it?

"So it has to be – and can only be – mental.

"And there is a suggestion there, that, you know, are there problems off the course? Is his mind completely on it? And that would have a huge effect mentally on your own game.

"So, I firmly believe let's move away from his wedges, let's move away from his putting, let's move away from all that because I don't think it's technique.

"I think its the actual structure of his head and structure of his thought process while he's playing golf and, unfortunately, I think he's caught between the two.

"And we've all said you have to be incredibly intelligent to play golf or incredibly stupid, and I don't think Rory is either and he needs to get his mind more focused on what he's trying to do."

If the problem is mental, it's likely something only McIlroy himself can fix. As the drought continues, however, it's an inquisition that's likely to rear its head again and again.

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