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'We have to look out for each other' | Cian Lynch on supporting GAA players & his faith

Limerick hurler Cian Lynch sat down with Off The Ball to discuss why he is happy to continue with...

'We have to look out for each...

'We have to look out for each other' | Cian Lynch on supporting GAA players & his faith

Limerick hurler Cian Lynch sat down with Off The Ball to discuss why he is happy to continue with the GAA calendar, and why religion plays an important part of his life.

Lynch and Limerick are preparing for a showdown against Clare on Sunday, as the country prepares to move into a level five lockdown for six weeks - but he is happy to play on in a considerate manner.

He responded to Bevan Duffy's concerns around matches continuing, when it may be that inter-county players have vulnerable people in their family or social circle.

"It is very easy for us to have an opinion, but every household differs, and every background. You have to be open to that as well," said Lynch.

"I am saying that I am grateful to be going back playing, but other scenarios could be totally different; they could be going back to someone vulnerable.

"It is just a case of appreciating other people's opinions and backgrounds.

"Whatever a person feels comfortable doing, we just have to be open to respecting that.

"For us, personally, I know that every county setup are doing things right and by-the-book as per government and GAA guidelines.

"That is great, and it is a massive safeguard knowing that you are going training and able to come home knowing that you have sanitised, wore your mask, and driving on your own. It is good for the mindset, that you are staying on the ball."

Cian Lynch on 'support'

"We are all mature and educated enough to understand what is going on and the harsh reality of it. If anybody doesn't feel comfortable, we will support each other.

"I think the word 'support' is huge in the current climate, not just in the GAA but in general, with the new restrictions.

"We just have to look out for each other, stay in touch, and be mindful that everyone is going through their own little bit at home as well"

For Lynch, who is studying for a Master's in Religion and Geography and NUI Galway, his personal faith has proved a grounding during lockdown.

"I think that faith and having faith is huge, especially in the current climate. A lot of the time, we can look towards the negative and bleak sides of things, but it is just something to hold on to.

"If it is just saying a few prayers, or listening to some reflections from mass, it is a great way to stay grounded in the here and now."

Religious faith

It is a tradition that has continued since childhood but has taken a new form in online mass.

"A lot of the time, you might not be tuned in to it - it is a routine more than anything. Getting up, focusing the mind, and getting your mind off your worries and stresses."

Lynch's studies involve looking at global religions and learning from what they have to offer.

"They are all very interesting, with their own background and story. But it all comes off the basis of living a moral life.

"Judaism is the one that we have been looking at recently. It is interesting to try and keep your mind open and to delve into other people's outlooks and views."

So, is the big man a Limerick fan?

"Hopefully," he says.

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