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GPA threatens 'action' over expenses issues

It comes after a communication from Chief Executive Tom Parsons to members today, seen by OTB Sports.

GPA threatens 'action' over ex...

GPA threatens 'action' over expenses issues

The Gaelic Players Association's frustrations with the GAA over expenses has been expressed in a message to its members today.

It comes after a communication from Chief Executive Tom Parsons to members today, seen by OTB Sports.

It details how many inter-county players have not received expenses since late last year, and a frustration that expenses rates have remained at a reduced level.

This is despite what the message says was an agreement in 'good faith' to accommodate reduced rates due to the financial implications of the pandemic.

They say there was an expectation that expenses would be restored to 2019 levels 'at a minimum'.

"The GPA has been in negotiations with the GAA since before Christmas to agree the 2022 player charter provisions," the message reads.

"The GPA's minimum position is that there should be a full reinstatement of the provisions of the charter which was in place pre-Covid.

"The GPA accepted a reduction in the player charter provisions for the 2020 and 2021 season around travel expenses, gear, footwear etc given the uncertain financial position of the GAA during Covid-19 while attendances and gate receipts were severely impacted.

"The GPA agreed to this in good faith with the GAA on the basis that a return to normality would see a reinstatement of the 2019 charter provisions.

"The GPA is extremely disappointed that the GAA's position at the start of 2022 was to continue with the cost saving mechanisms ie. players to receive a reduced mileage rate of 50c and to continue to cap players to be only permitted to claim expenses for three sessions per week, resulting in all other scheduled sessions being at the cost of players.

"Three months later, and the vast majority of players have still not been paid expenses, the latest proposal by the gaa for the 2022 charter still sees a cap placed on the number of sessions a player can claim per week and the GAA suggest to move negotiations above that cap to the players and their county boards locally.

"The GPA believes this is unfair and against the spirit of the charter which is to set out minimum and equal standards of provisions for all counties and all players."

The message goes on to reference the "huge level of frustration" among players regarding non-payment of expenses since December 2021, and concludes by saying "until every player is paid their expenses for all collective sessions, there will be action by players in response".

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