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'100 per cent' | Jan Åge Fjørtoft says Dortmund will keep Jadon Sancho

Jan Åge Fjørtoft says Borussia Dortmund are "100 per cent" sure Jadon Sancho will remain at the...

'100 per cent' | Jan Åge Fjørt...

'100 per cent' | Jan Åge Fjørtoft says Dortmund will keep Jadon Sancho

Jan Åge Fjørtoft says Borussia Dortmund are "100 per cent" sure Jadon Sancho will remain at the Bundesliga club beyond the current transfer window.

The England international has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester United, although no solid bid has been made and the player seems happy to remain in Germany.

Former Norway international Fjørtoft told us on OTB AM this morning that his contacts within the club would suggest there be no switch for the 20-year-old to the Premier League just yet.

"I put out a tweet this morning, I spoke to someone at Dortmund and they are 100 per cent sure, 100 per cent sure, that he will stay in Dortmund.

"When their head of sport goes out to say he will stay, in Germany they say [Michael] Zorc is a strong person, in England they say this is just a strategy to get the price they want.

"The so-called deadline... It's fair enough for a club to say when they go to training camp they want to have all the players they will have next season.

"Manchester United would have done the same with Greenwood. Sometimes when you do that, people don't want to listen to that.

"It is likely the player will stay at Dortmund, this isn't a game or strategy [by] Dortmund, they want him to stay. If the player goes out and says 'I want to leave the club, I want to join Manchester United', the game will of course change.

"But as of the fourteenth of August, there hasn't even been a bid from Manchester United so at the moment it's most likely that he will stay in Dortmund."

Many clubs are suffering financially at the moment, and Dortmund have spent decent change on the likes of Jude Bellingham and Erling Haaland among others.

However, Fjørtoft feels finances won't force Dortmund to sell right now.

"There are a lot of arguments that Dortmund should let him go to get the money... because of Covid they are lacking 81,000 fans every game.

"But for Manchester United the strategy can't be that they [Dortmund] will need the money. They have to make the strategy based on that they want the player.

"In Germany everybody is clear that Dortmund have the financial thing under control... next summer without being in any stress, they could sell him next year.

"Covid has changed it a bit, because I think it was Dortmund's plan, I think they would have let him go for €120 million, I think that.

"But coming into this window with Covid, there are no Spanish teams that can pay that money for him, there are no other English teams that could pay that, maybe PSG.

"They maybe think that next summer is better. It's 100 per cent that Dortmund want to keep the player, the game could change if the player wants out, but they won't sell him because of the financial thing."

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