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"It's only about money" - Cantona vows to boycott Qatar World Cup

Eric Cantona claims he will not be watching this year's World Cup in Qatar, claiming "it's all ab...

Eric Cantona claims he will not be watching this year's World Cup in Qatar, claiming "it's all about money". 

The Gulf state is scheduled to host football's showpiece from November 21.

From its very awarding, the competition has been tethered to controversy, something that has not been lost on the Manchester United and France legend.

The United States Department of Justice confirmed last year that FIFA officials had been bribed by representatives of the Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 bids to award the tournaments.

While in preparation for the Qatari World Cup, more than 6,000 migrant workers have been killed in the building of stadiums there.

"To be honest, I don't really care about the next World Cup, which is not a real World Cup for me," Cantona told The Daily Mail.

"In the last decades, you had a lot of events like the Olympic Games or World Cups in countries that are emerging - like in Russia or China.

"But Qatar - it's not the country of football. I'm not against the idea of hosting a World Cup in a country where there is a possibility to develop and promote football, like in South Africa or the United States in the 90's.

Cantona claims there is no such room for development in Qatar, adding "There is nothing. It's only about money I think.

"It's only about money and the way they treated the people who built the stadiums, it's horrible. And thousands of people died. And yet we will celebrate this World Cup."

The former France striker told The Mail, "Personally, I will not watch it. I understand football is a business. But I thought it was the only place where everybody could have a chance.

"And I still think that young players can grow up in a very poor area - most players come from poor areas. And they become footballers and have a chance to save themselves and save their family which is great.

"And if you are good, you are good. It's a meritocracy - if you're better than the next guy, you will play and it's fair.

"So it's why, maybe, if meritocracy and potential is the essence of football, it's even more surprising that we can organise a World Cup in Qatar, and people actually voted for that."

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