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'Quite humbling!' | Katie McCabe on Ian Wright and Paul McGrath praise

Katie McCabe has been excelling week-in week-out with Arsenal this season - she tells The COYGIG Pod what it's been like to be praised by legends like Ian Wright.

'Quite humbling!' | Katie McCa...

'Quite humbling!' | Katie McCabe on Ian Wright and Paul McGrath praise

Arsenal and Republic of Ireland star Katie McCabe is having a wonderful start to this season, and was the special guest on Episode Two of The COYGIG Pod this week.

The 26-year-old just recently picked up the Player of the Month and Goal of the Month awards for October in the Barclays Women's Super League.

She has also received praise on social media from legends like Ian Wright and Paul McGrath, and she told Kathleen McNamee and Karen Duggan on The COYGIG Pod that it meant the world to her.

"It's really nice! Obviously for a legend like Ian Wright, he came to our Everton game, I know he's an advocate of women's football over here - he does fantastic things for the game.

"So yeah to be getting comments from Ian is pretty special, quite humbling but ultimately he's a lover of Arsenal and so am I so we just want to see the club doing well.

"Even the tweet from Paul [McGrath], that was pretty cool I have to say, pretty cool! He's an Irish legend, and obviously him keeping an eye on our games just shows how big women's football is getting.

"It's growing and we're not going to stop, we want to keep going and getting Tallaght full - hopefully we'll break some records this month by getting people in."

McCabe's former international teammate Karen Duggan made the point that because of the increased popularity of the women's game in recent years, she is busy with plenty of media and commercial commitments.

But the Dublin-born star says she quite enjoys speaking to people if it helps grow the women's game even further.

"I really don't mind it! It comes with women's football getting bigger, and everyone's profiles [getting bigger too]. You just have to embrace it, you're meeting new people and they're coming onboard.

"Like you said with the Sky deal and Cadbury, they're coming onboard to help us and help promote the game, and who we are and what we represent.

"I honestly don't mind it at all, I enjoy doing podcasts like this as well, it's fantastic. With the platforms we have it's important to use them and do it with a smile."

McCabe was just 21 when she was named captain of the Republic of Ireland side in 2017 by former manager Colin Bell after the retirement of goalkeeper Emma Byrne.

She says she was surprised to be chosen to wear the armband at such a young age, but was glad to have experienced players around her to help.

"I think initially when I first got the call after Emma [Byrne's] departure I was surprised, I didn't think it was going to be me at all. With the group of players we had in the team, it was a shock.

"But obviously Colin [Bell] had seen something in me, and of course I said yes to it. I just had to kind of learn on the job. It was difficult but what made it easier was the likes of those older players around me and surrounding myself with that experience, whether I needed to speak about something or if there was an issue.

"I had that experience around me - the likes of Niamh Fahey, Louise Quinn, Diane [Caldwell], yourself [Karen Duggan]. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today and what I've learned over the last few years has been massive and I definitely matured a lot quicker."

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