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Rooney says Chelsea studs story "lot deeper" than isolated quotes

Wayne Rooney says he never intentionally tried to hurt former England teammate, John Terry.  The...

Wayne Rooney says he never intentionally tried to hurt former England teammate, John Terry. 

The FA are investigating comments made by Rooney in his new Amazon Prime documentary, regarding a 2006 Premier League meeting of Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

In his documentary, Rooney claimed he changed his studs to "big, long metal ones" for the game as he "wanted to try and hurt someone".

Terry left Stamford Bridge on crutches, after suffering an injury to his foot in a challenge with Rooney.

The Derby County manager joined Talksport on Wednesday evening, to discuss his growth as a manager at the Championship club - and his documentary.

“I think those comments have been isolated," Rooney told Talksport Drive, "I’m not trying to plug the documentary by the way, but I think you’ll have to watch it and see why those comments were made.

“It’s a lot deeper than those comments and me wanting to go and hurt a player, which John Terry is a friend of mine. I would never intentionally try and hurt John Terry.

“It’s a lot deeper than those comments and when you get a chance to watch the documentary, you’ll understand the reasons why.”

Terry has since laughed off the incident, tweeting, "Is this when you left your stud in my foot?".

Rooney told the forthcoming documentary, "We knew if Chelsea won then they had won the league that day.

“Until my last game for Derby, I always wore the old plastic studs with the metal tip.

“For that game I changed them to big, long metal ones – the maximum length you could have because I wanted to try and hurt someone, try and injure someone.

“I knew they were going to win that game. You could feel they were a better team at the time so I changed my studs.

“The studs were legal but thinking if there’s a challenge there I knew I’d want to go in for it properly, basically. I did actually.

“John Terry left the stadium on crutches. I left a hole in his foot and then I signed my shirt to him after the game…and a few weeks later I sent it to him and asked for my stud back.

“If you look back when they were celebrating, JT’s got his crutches from that tackle.”

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