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WATCH: Some of the best #StayAtHome Challenges online

With the outbreak of coronavirus and the postponement of matches as a result, sports stars are ta...

WATCH: Some of the best #StayA...

WATCH: Some of the best #StayAtHome Challenges online

With the outbreak of coronavirus and the postponement of matches as a result, sports stars are taking to social media with various #StayAtHome 'challenges' to pass the time.

Some are more impressive than others it's fair to say, but anything that keeps us away from the Mrs Brown's Boy's box-set and  puts a smile on people's faces online is good enough for us!

Here are some of our favourite efforts doing the rounds online:


We know the former Wigan Athletic man is a bit of a messer at the best of times, but this is a decent attempt at the bin challenge. Who knows how many attempts it took, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.

The dip in the pool only adds to it...


CONOR MOORE aka ConorSketches

Conor's gone with the #CreateDontContaminate challenge - and he's given the keepy-uppies with the toilet roll a decent shot here to be fair.

He's called out our own Kingdom legend Kieran Donaghy, and (of course) Matthew McConaghey.

Alright, alright, alright...



The Sheffield United and Republic of Ireland man has gone for a quintessentially Irish production.

The Cranberries in the background, the hurling skills (which aren't bad at all) and the under-rated surprise at how well he's done at the end of the video.

Egan's late father is Kerry GAA legend John Egan Sr, who won six All-Irelands and nine Munster Championships during his time as a player with the Kingdom. A touch of gaelic games class is clearly in the blood...

Egan's international teammates James McClean have also got involved in their own #StayAtHomeChallenge over on their Instagram stories.



We all know Crouchy has the platform - and it's just as well he has almost 650,000 views on this one at the time of writing, because he's nailed it.

He looks more comfortable with the toilet roll than he did with a football (of course we're joking).

Top, top attempt here by the big man...



The true footballing shithouses wouldn't cope too well with the keepy-uppie challenges, so Palmeiras' former Inter Milan man Felipe Melo has made it his own.

We feel Roy Keane might have had this personal touch if he got involved...



He's the man everyone interested in the Premier League was speaking about before the games were postponed, and Chelsea's Scottish star has got involved at home too.

The bicycle kick effort is worth it alone...



The Swiss international, who plays for Arsenal in the Women's Super League, has ditched the feet and gone with old-school juggling...

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