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Jason Quigley on Emmet Brennan's 'Cinderella story' at Tokyo 2020

Irish professional boxer Jason Quigley joined The Olympics Show to discuss the boxing picture and...


Jason Quigley on Emmet Brennan's 'Cinderella story' at Tokyo 2020

Irish professional boxer Jason Quigley joined The Olympics Show to discuss the boxing picture and throw his weight behind the 'Cinderella story' of Emmet Brennan.

Brennan will compete for Team Ireland in Tokyo, and Quigley recalled coming up against the Dubliner in the ring at an early age.

Emmet Brennan

29 June 2021; Light heavyweight Emmet Brennan during a Tokyo 2020 Team Ireland Announcement for Boxing in the Sport Ireland Institute at the Sports Ireland Campus in Dublin. Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile

"We were 11 years of age, we met in the National Boy 36kg final - I have the picure in my house still of me and Emmet facing off and then the one with us with our arms around each other," Quigley said.

"He was with St Saviour's club in Dublin and it was an amazing expereince because Emmet went off the radar for a bit and packed boxing in. To see him going going to the Olympic Games after taking out a Credit Union loan to fund his training, he deserves everything he gets.

"He really has to go here now and he could be the surprise package in terms of there is absolutely no pressure on him. He's achieved more than what many people thought he would achieve, although not what he felt he would achieve.

"He's very focused and driven, and has a lot of belief in himself. He's going to this Olympic Games with zero pressure, he's already achieved beyong the achievable in terms of what others thought.

"For him now, he has to go in there and enjoy it, but to make it an even bigger Cinderella story than it already is."

'We were like puppets in the ring'

Jason Quigley Jason Quigley celebrates after defeating Shane Mosley Jr. by majority decision in their boxing match Saturday, May 29, 2021, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Chase Stevens)

Quigley recalled in a little more detail his and Emmet Brennan's childhood bout.

"I think everyone at 11 is smiley and happy, and I remember that I won the fight and beat him in the final.

"I remember him crying after the fight. I got beat at 14 years of age and cried after the fight as well, we were just very young and were just very excited to get to that stage because 11 is the earliest you can enter championships.

"We were 36kg at 11 years of age, fighting in the National Stadium ring. We were like two wee puppets in the ring!

"I've never really come across Emmet too much since then [...] but hopefully I'll crash into him soon."

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