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'You were brought to a hotel room, lock the door and goodbye'

After spending two weeks on lockdown in an Australian hotel, one of Ireland's AFLW stars Aishling...

'You were brought to a hotel r...
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'You were brought to a hotel room, lock the door and goodbye'

After spending two weeks on lockdown in an Australian hotel, one of Ireland's AFLW stars Aishling Sheridan spoke to OTB AM about the experience on Thursday morning. 

With the new Australian Football League Women's season set to commence later this month when Carlton take on Collingwood in the first game of the opening round, players travelling from Ireland to compete had to forego the comfort of a Christmas at home.

After an impressive first season in the black-and-white of Collingwood, Cavan's Aishling Sheridan would not have been expecting to spend such an amount of time back home in 2020.

Nevertheless, as normality resumes a little bit quicker in her new home Down Under, Sheridan explained on Thursday's OTB AM the ordeal that was required of players travelling back into Australia for the new season.

"We flew on December 9th from Dublin to London, London to Singapore and had one night's stay there," she explained, her spell in quarantine coming to a convenient end on December 24th.

"All we knew was that we were going to Australia, but not really where we were going to because there are rules on the number of people in each state.

"We were told initially that we were going to Adelaide but literally the night we were leaving we got an email to say it was changed. Anyway, we ended up in Perth and once the flight landed and you got off the plane there were security guards everywhere.

"You couldn't have your phone out, couldn't talk to anyone and you had to answer all these questions before they told you the hotel you would be staying in. You were escorted onto a bus then, brought to your hotel and up to your room, lock the door and goodbye."

In stark contrast to the current status of Covid-19 in Ireland, Sheridan has been impressed with the manner in which Australia appear to be dealing with the issue.

"When I was in Perth there were no masks anywhere and life was completely normal," she explained, "everything was just how it was before Covid.

"In Victoria or Melbourne then you do have to wear a mask indoors and I think there was a limit of maybe 15 people in one room. In terms of cases though, I think there were zero cases today and any cases they've had recently were people in quarantine."

Two weeks in quarantine within a hotel room the opposite end of Australia to where she plays with Collingwood in Melbourne, Aishling Sheridan had to find ways of occupying her time.

"You have a lot of downtime which in one way is kind of nice," she explained, "[and] we were very lucky too that we got gym equipment, some dumbbells and a bike.

"So, we were able to get programs from our S&C coach and that kind of kept us ticking over.

"Of course, then you had Uber Eats as well where you can basically order any food or coffee at all that you want straight to the door. Needless to say, there was a bomb spent on Uber Eats, but it was well worth it."

Out by Christmas Day and able to enjoy a meal with friends, the season will start for Aishling Sheridan and Collingwood on January 28th against Carlton in Ikon Park.

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