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BMW drive toward total sustainability

Off The Ball are partnered with BMW for the 'Run and Ride for Pieta' duathlon on Friday 17 July. ...

BMW drive toward total sustain...
Other Sports

BMW drive toward total sustainability

Off The Ball are partnered with BMW for the 'Run and Ride for Pieta' duathlon on Friday 17 July.

Run and Ride for Pieta is Triathlon Ireland's nationwide duathlon campaign, designed to kick-off the outdoor summer season.

Team OTB are taking on the Duathlon - consisting of run 5km, cycle 20km, run 3km  - so keep an eye on all of our social channels and OTB AM for more updates.

We spoke to Aisling Brogan, Marketing Director at BMW Ireland, about their sustainability campaign, as partners of Triathlon Ireland.

  • What is the BMW Sustainability campaign all about?

At BMW, we have always been at the forefront of sustainable mobility. We continue to push forward at a fast pace – always focusing on the needs of our customers.

As far back as 2007, BMW EfficientDynamics introduced a comprehensive technology package to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Among other innovations, this gave rise to the BMW i3, whose fully sustainable concept made it a pioneer of climate-friendly electric mobility.

At BMW, we think well beyond the vehicle itself. We will implement a completely new and even more comprehensive strategy for sustainability. With the focus on three areas:

  • To further strengthen our position as a role model when it comes to sustainable, resource-saving production.
  • Creating a sustainable, CO2 neutral supply chain.
  • The utilization phase of our vehicles concerning CO2 emissions. We will further reduce our CO2 emissions, even beyond the EU target.

We consistently take a sustainable approach across the entire value chain. This is what sets us apart.

Sustainability has been a guiding BMW Group principle for decades.

In addition to making an important contribution to protecting the environment, it also safeguards the company’s viability in the future.

We are fully committed to climate protection and sustainable mobility.

Our aspiration is to provide sustainable driving pleasure for our customers, no matter where they are around the world.  Today, with our broad range of plug-in hybrids, customers can enjoy electrified driving in all of our model segments.

  • The pandemic has made people think a bit deeper about our role on the planet, do you think the pandemic will shift hearts and minds over the coming months and years?

The recent global pandemic has resulted in a drop of pollution to record levels.

As we start to open up the country again, we are all becoming more conscious of our global carbon footprint.

Demand for our electrified vehicles outperformed the market trend in the first half of the year and our wide range of plug-in hybrid models and the new fully-electric MINI are in high demand among our customers.

  • The plan is to have 25 electrified BMW models on the roads by 2023 – you obviously feel the market will be there to meet that demand?

We believe that the timing is perfect, because customer demand is rising and with convenient charging solutions at home or at work, we will boost demand even more.

Next year, 25% of our fleet will be electrified. In 2025, we will reach 33%. And in 2030, 50% of our sales will be electrified.

Ultimately, it's all about the Power of Choice. Our customers will always be able to choose the right drivetrain for their particular needs.

Over the next few years, we will enable our customers to choose between different drive technologies in all relevant vehicle segments. The right drive train for every need.

The BMW X3 clearly embodies our strategy of intelligent and flexible vehicle platforms. We can fit this model with any drivetrain we need. All variants will have the same high level of functionality, comfort and quality.  

We have just communicated our BMW iX3, our first fully electric Sports Activity Vehicle. This car has taken Efficient Dynamics to the next level.

Customers can choose from a range of drivetrains on a BMW, such as highly efficient diesel engines with 48 Volt Mild Hybrid support.

This is an important technology for customers who drive long distances. They fulfill the highest regulatory standards of real-driving emissions.

Many of the 202 models available from BMW Ireland see the introduction of mild- hybrid technology. This results in better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions for customers; often qualifying for a lower VRT band.

This rich diversity of electrified drive technologies underlines the BMW Group’s commitment to achieving emission-free mobility.

BMW's electric drive concept 'eDrive’ offers maximum driving pleasure and does so almost silently and without driving emissions.

We are rapidly expanding our line-up of pure electric vehicles across both BMW and MINI.

The MINI Electric launched earlier this year,  it is the first MINI and first small car in the premium segment to run on electrical power only, with a model-specific lithium-ion battery enabling pure electric ranges of 235-270km.

  • How much work needs to be done in Ireland to improve the infrastructure for electric cars – charging points and so on?

Charging infrastructure is a very important requirement in making Electromobiity attractive, alongside range and price.

The Irish Government's road map to have 1m electric vehicles on roads by 2030 requires an extensive and growing network of charging facilities to be made available.  However, convenient charging solutions are available at home or at work, using a private Wallbox.

For customers who often have to cover long distances, passing through rural areas that may not have the required charging infrastructure, plug-in hybrid models are a viable alternative to all-electric vehicles.

Plug-in hybrids combine an internal-combustion engine and an electric motor.  The purely electric range of BMW plug-in Hybrids lies between 42-87 km approximately, depending on the model.

For most everyday users, this is entirely sufficient when the range from the combustion engine is added. We have the model range to suit consumer needs and no competitor offers such a varied portfolio.

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