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Game of Thrones Episode 1 Recap – Two Mad Queens and the Kingslayer

After an agonising wait for the first episode of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, we finally got our ...

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Game of Thrones Episode 1 Recap – Two Mad Queens and the Kingslayer

After an agonising wait for the first episode of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, we finally got our first glimpse of Westeros in two years. For many, it will be disappointing. Season 7 left us with a lot of questions and although Season 8 blasts through some of the huge reunions and sets the scene, it may feel like not a lot happened in that first episode.

The defining moments, however, were many, ending in the dramatic meeting of Jaime with Bran years after he pushed him out of the watch tower, resulting in Bran’s disability.

A lot has happened in that time – Jaime has finally abandoned Cersei (or has he?), lost an arm and generally blazed a trail towards discovering his humanity, partially due to his relationship with Brienne. That Bran that he pushed out of the window is long gone, replaced by the Three-Eyed Raven – that’s crucial to remember here, this isn’t the same Bran.

Earlier that episode, Bran witnessed the arrival of Daenerys, an arrival that was fraught with tension with Sansa not looking best pleased. The side-eye was out in force with Dany delivering the killer line about what dragons eat: “whatever they want”.

This episode very much felt like it was setting up the two mad Queens – Dany in the North who looks like she won’t be trusted by anyone in Winterfell, including, crucially, Sam and Cersei in the South who’s hell bent on taking control of Westeros, despite the fact that the Dead have broken through the Wall.

The Prince that was Promised

The most anticipated moment of the episode was almost overshadowed by everything else that was going on – Jon Snow finally found out that he is the heir to the Iron Throne and a Targaryen. Yes, he really has a lot to work through there but his initial reaction suggested he may be keeping that information to himself – he knows he needs Dany to save the North so why make a claim to her beloved throne, a throne he cares very little for. Is Jon the Prince that was Promised? And if so, what does that mean for Dany?

Let’s not forget Sansa and Tyrion and Arya’s long-awaited conversation with Jon Snow, reminding him not to forget who he is and that he’s a Stark.

But what of Arya and Gendry? Will Robert and Ned’s random prediction finally come through and will a Baratheon marry a Stark? Another nice get-together for Arya was the brief but brilliant conversation with the Hound, who by all accounts, looks as proud as father of the woman she has become.

However, Varys’s words weigh the most heavy and worth remembering. Half of Winterfell could be wiped out in the next episode – “nothing lasts”.

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