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Game of Thrones Episode 2 Recap – At least we die together

The constant anticipation of death and destruction is causing hysteria among Game of Thrones fans...

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Game of Thrones Episode 2 Recap – At least we die together

The constant anticipation of death and destruction is causing hysteria among Game of Thrones fans now – so much so that we seem to be forgetting to stop and spend time with some of our favourite characters who are sure to meet their end shortly.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a nod to the early Game of Thrones seasons before things began to escalate at breakneck speed – it celebrates the characters we love and reminds us we why love them.

The scene which sees our favourites around the fireplace, sharing stories and their last drink together is one of the finest to grace this season. There is not one character here that we don’t like or respect in one way or another or as much as this world will allow us to – the honourable Brienne, the awkward Tormund, the wise Tyrion, Jaime – finally the Oathkeeper.

In a deathless episode, which is only one of three according to the writers of the series, we are witnessing what may well very be the last of Winterfell. We move from room to room and scene to scene without every leaving the castle – Cersei and King’s Landing is a world away, the Iron Islands remembered only by Theon’s arrival.

The important takeaways from this episode are many but one question looms – where the hell is the Night King? We don’t see him at the end of the episode when the wights and White Walkers finally make it to Winterfell. Has he gone on a merry road trip with his new dragon toy?

Also, it’s worth keeping an eye on the many facial expressions of Daenerys throughout the episode, most culminating in rage that almost boils over at the end. Oh yes Sansa, I do love your brother but not if he takes this blasted throne away from me with his claim! And I don’t care about the North, give me back my hand!

We have many, many questions – Arya and Gendry, did they really have to show us that? What the hell is going on between Sansa and Theon? Will Brienne and Jaime finally get together or does the future hold romance for Tormund? What did all-seeing, all-knowing Bran tell Lord Tyrion? Where is Melisandre?

And maybe, none of that matters at all. Join us on Monday for the breakdown of the Battle of Winterfell.

Andy Lee, Eoin Sheahan, Tommy Rooney and Sue Murphy will be with you all throughout Season 8; dissecting each moment, guiding you through the deaths and the back-stabbings, and bringing you our theories on the prospects of the living and the dead who are vying to rule Westeros!

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