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'Perfect hangover movie' - Gavin James on his love for Back to the Future

The latest inductee into our NOW TV OTB Culture Hall of Fame came courtesy of hugely successful...

'Perfect hangover movie' - Gav...
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'Perfect hangover movie' - Gavin James on his love for Back to the Future

The latest inductee into our NOW TV OTB Culture Hall of Fame came courtesy of hugely successful singer-songwriter Gavin James.

The 28-year-old joined Ger and Eoin on OTB AM to profess his love for the Back to the Future films, fresh off announcing a series of drive-in gigs across the country later this summer.

"It's my hangover movie to be honest. Anything you can watch a million times and it's still fine. They're all gas - some people don't like the second one, I love the second one.

"There's a train in the third one and it goes up in the air and it's feckin' class!

"I just love the writing in it and even the history of it - even the way somebody else played Marty McFly and they filmed half the movie and they had to re-shoot it again because it just wasn't working.

"Sometimes you have a favourite movie but you skip some parts of it, you skip some scenes. But I never really skip any of it, I watch it straight through every time.

"Michael J Fox just smashed it, he's hilarious. Even his voice when he talks, he just sounds class. Even when he picks up the guitar at the end, it made me want to learn to play Johnny B. Goode on the guitar!

"I was looking at a flux capacitor guitar! It's a big silver guitar with batteries in it, it's unbelievable! It's probably a crap guitar, but it looks hilariously amazing."

Gavin also says certain elements of the movie were before its time in terms of predicting the future.

"If you watch the second one, they put the pizza in the oven, and then there's another part where they do FaceTime, and nobody had thought of FaceTime!

"Even the tower and how Biff [Tannen] is king of the world, it reminds me of Trump or something. There's mad things in it... it's a different time."

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