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Jake Paul says Taylor and Serrano will net 7-figure sums for MSG fight

Jake Paul has claimed that Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will make "life-changing" money from t...

Jake Paul says Taylor and Serr...
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Jake Paul says Taylor and Serrano will net 7-figure sums for MSG fight

Jake Paul has claimed that Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will make "life-changing" money from their April 30 bout. 

The pair will become the first females to headline a card at Madison Square Garden's 20,000-seat main arena.

Taylor is the reigning undisputed lightweight champion of the world, while Serrano is a seven-weight world champion.

The Bray fighter was reportedly paid $500,000 (€443,000) for her December win over Firuza Sharipova. Added to that was a 70 per cent share of pay-per-view income, which took her earnings to $1,000,000 (€885,000 approx.) for that outing.

Youtuber-turned-boxer Paul manages Serrano, and gave an insight to the money her and Taylor will earn in New York in the spring when talking on the MMA Hour.

"Yeah, they're getting paid in the seven figures, which is historic.

"It's never happened for women - guaranteed seven figures - plus pay-per-view. Obviously it's going to be a massive pay-per-view.

"This is life-changing, I think, for both girls and especially - I know - for Amanda Serrano because I heard her stories about how much she was getting paid since day-1. And that's what really, initially, sparked my desire to want to help her.

"Because I was like, 'how is the only boxer to win more... championships [than] Manny Pacquiao, you're in second place behind Manny Pacquiao... and you're getting paid $20,000?' This is obsurd'".

Taylor's earnings dwarf those of Serrano, with the Puerto Rican netting a purse of $275,000 (€243,000) for December's win over Miriam Gutierrez.

Paul added, "Her last fight was still a career-high, but now it's a whole other level.

"I'm excited - this is going to be a massive fight. It's going to be so big.

"Everybody's talking about the historic moments, and the money... I agree, let's talk about all those things, but I'm excited to see the fight.

"I'm excited to see the two greatest of their craft - in a similar weight division - going at it. That's what I'm most excited for."


Not everyone is as jazzed for the Taylor - Serrano showdown as Paul, however.

Bob Arum's Top Rank is promoting a fight of his own - on the same night - in Las Vegas, with Shakur Stevenson facing Oscar Valdez.

90-year old Arum drew criticism when he claimed, "As good a fight as that is, I mean, come on. For whatever reason people don't particularly pay attention to the women's fights."

Paul snapped back this week, saying, "It’s awful, and it’s so lewd and disrespectful, and he’s so behind the times he’s a dinosaur.

"And he’s mis-educated, and he clearly doesn’t have women around him or powerful women around him to tell him like, 'yo, you are an idiot'.

“Like, I don’t even know if he has a wife. But if I was Bob Arum’s wife, and I heard him say that, I would smack him in the head.

"It’s disrespectful, it’s just awful to see that. And I feel bad for any female fighter that is signed to him.”

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