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OTB TV | A horror doc, "the best TV ever seen" & Eoin's final Sopranos update!

OTB's resident film and TV expert Sue Murphy joined Ger Gilroy and Eoin Sheahan on Thursday’s O...

OTB TV | A horror doc,
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OTB TV | A horror doc, "the best TV ever seen" & Eoin's final Sopranos update!

OTB's resident film and TV expert Sue Murphy joined Ger Gilroy and Eoin Sheahan on Thursday’s OTB AM to dissect this week's entertainment options.

Malcolm & Marie – Available on Netflix from tomorrow 5th February

Malcolm & Marie

One of the few new releases actually shot during Covid-19, this film takes place as the two characters, a couple played by John David Washington and Zendaya, return from a film awards show where Malcolm has won. However, it has left Marie very annoyed.

“Then their whole relationship unfolds over about an hour and a half and you find out what she’s really annoyed about” further explains Sue. “It starts with him not thanking her in his speech and then works backward from there.”

The film as a whole left Sue feeling a little unsure of where she stood on it. “I read the reviews afterward and they’re very mixed. Honestly, that’s kind of how I feel about this as well. I’m over and back about it.

“There’s a lot of it that I was watching going ‘oh my god this is real first-world problems’ and then there’s another part that you’re just like ‘oh I think every couple has had this row!”

She was quick to praise the performances in it though, especially given that there are only two characters in the entire film.

“It’s a great idea for a lockdown film, it’s shot in black and white, very scaled back. And it’s all shot in the same house.

“I don’t want to say I enjoyed it, but I was intrigued by it. It’s addictive, you can’t actually turn it off, you’re kind of interested in everything that’s going on. There are elements you’ll identify with, but at the start it's very hard to get into it.”

Horror at the Cecil Hotel – Available on Netflix from tomorrow 5th February

cecil hotel

This four-part documentary series is based on the true story involving the vanishing of a girl called Elisa Lam at the titular Los Angeles hotel.

“I enjoyed the first episode, well worth a watch” Sue was happy to report!

Although as a documentary it might not be perfect, she found the narrative exceptional. “I have to say, don’t expect too much of it being an amazing documentary, but the story is brilliant!”

Succession – Now TV


Succession was this week's first lockdown lifesaver and no one will shout about it louder than Ger Gilroy. “If you haven’t seen succession, stop everything you are doing and binge on Succession! If they continue at the level they are at, it is Sopranos level quality!”

Sue was also quick to back him, marveling at how it differed from other shows for her; “There is nobody likeable in Succession and yet I love them all, so I just don’t know how that works.

“It is brilliantly written, brilliant cast. It’s got one of the greatest episodes in TV, the dinner scene in the second last episode in the second series, is just the best TV I have ever seen, it is unbelievable! The tension is unbelievable, it’s so, so good!”

Thankfully for us, all 20 episodes are now available to stream on Now TV.

Patrick Melrose – Sky

patrick melrose

This week's second lockdown lifesaver comes from Sue and it stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

“It’s based on a true story, it's about a guy who was abused by his father when he was younger and kind of what happens in the fallout after that. He becomes a writer and has a very bad drug addiction and it's just kind of his story from when he was young all the way up, with flashbacks between those three episodes.”

Sue sends this recommendation with a warning “it is so unbelievably dark! But honestly, it’s one of those ones that I couldn’t stop watching, it’s really, really good!

“Don’t watch this unless you want to watch just a really good performance and a good script.”

Eoin's Final Sopranos Update!


After a grueling January of heavy TV watching, Eoin has finally finished The Sopranos!

However, the post-match analysis couldn’t quite be done without some *MASSIVE SPOILERS*, so check out the video AT your own peril!


Written by Catherine Murphy

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